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Want to help out with Matt's Street Team?

Hey everyone!
Just wanted to let you all know that Matt's street team is ready to be put together!

If you'd like to be a member, please email me at CaplanStreetTeam@aol.com with your name, age, city/state, and whether or not you own "Overtones"

If you'd like to be a Team leader, email me at the address mentioned above, and in addition to that information please add why you think you'd be a great Team Leader for your state, a good idea you have for promotion, and if the email address you're emailing me from isn't the one you want the other leaders/teamers to have, let me know that as well.

Those interested in being State Leaders:
Please know that it will be time consuming, and you will be expected to report back to me at times about how everything is going in your state, which I will then report to Matt. You will not only be responsible for regular member things such as handing out flyers and such, but you will be the one to make sure that the members in your area are doing their job, making sure record stores in your area know about him (try to convince them to order CD's from his site!), and like I said before, letting me know how things are going.

If you're not selected to be a state leader, please don't feel bad, there's just some states that have a lot more people applying than others! Also, you must apply for the state that you attend school, because promo must begin immediately.

Thanks guys!
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