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mattcaplan's Journal

Incense and Fear
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Welcome to a LiveJournal community devoted entirely to Matt Caplan- the man, the music, the Mark.

Yay for alliteration.

Check here for news of upcoming gigs, random Matt talk, and lengthy debates concerning hair color.
acting, angry women, attempting badassness, being accosted by girls, broadway, camels, canadians, cross country van excursions, crystal geyser, drinking lots of water, exhibiting toolish behavior, fucking up mailing lists, ghetto armor, green bay, guitars, jackets, james earl jones, joshua kobak, kalamazoo, katy pfaffl, making light saber noises, matt caplan, motorcycles, music, new york city, not showing teeth, performing, rent, singing in unnatural falsettos, songwriting, subway socks, the wreck room, theater, virginia